We know dealing with more than one third party is both exhausting and inefficient, like herding cats. At EVS, we strive for optimization by ensuring that you will be dealing with our team alone. 


Software Development


Cloud-Hosted Architecture

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We Make Sure Your
Software Transition
Is Painless

EVS departs from the typical thinking and execution when it comes to WMS software implementations.  The most common implementation failures are a result of solely focusing on software and neglecting to incorporate the granular discovery of business processes, requirements, and change management opportunities.

To ensure a controlled, successful, and beneficial WMS software implementation, EVS incorporates many elements typically left out of business requirements, including: ‘as-is” and ‘to-be” workflow process mapping, needs gap analysis, monthly executive status reports that highlight scope, budget, schedule and risk data along with organizational change management.


Check out our implementation options and pricing to see which services are right for your business.

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Development Is
What. We. Do.

Customization has become a dirty word in the enterprise space, and for good reason. While business realities can require custom code, we take pride knowing all our customers are running the most up-to-date version of our products at all times—thanks to a combination of smart architecture and good design.

We do custom the smart way. 

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Have Our
Experts At
Your Fingertips

EVS offers tenured professional consultants to re-organize your warehouse and processes to maximize efficiencies with the changing global supply chain. 

Our consultants are among the best in the business and are experts in the manufacturing and warehouse distribution industries we serve.


  • Customer-Specific BI

  • mobe3 WMS Software Training

  • mobe3 WMS Implementation

  • Identifying Warehouse Optimization Opportunities and Achieve Measurable ROI

  • Supply Chain Management Training


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Reduced Risk,
and Cost

“The Cloud” is only a buzzword. The technology is an architectural concept, when applied correctly is poised to evolve our industry. We have spent years observing, listening, and experimenting with various cloud technologies. “When asked what the basis was for our cloud architecture, the answer is simple: Our Customers.”

EVS took the most reliable and proven mid-market business database platform and wed it with one of the largest business cloud provider’s infrastructure. We joined preemptive monitoring with self-healing capabilities.

Our cloud environment was designed to be a hybrid of systems, utilizing the best of breed and implementing lessons learned.

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2017 Cloud Computing Security Excellence Awards winner.

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