Sometimes an out-of-the-box solution just isn't enough.

When a client determines the benefit of custom ERP software development exceeds any alternatives, the client team and EVS will create an iteration and release plan. Requirements will be prioritized by risk and by release so the riskiest requirements for the current release are completed first. EVS will then iteratively develop customer value by producing executable code in each iteration and reviewing requirements and the custom solution on a bi-weekly basis in order to receive client feedback and make adjustments. EVS takes pride in keeping open and honest communication throughout the project lifecycle and being adaptable to a client's changing business needs. Our team also commits to supporting our custom solutions through installation, rollout, and an initial go live period.


  • Onsite client visits to collaborate on requirements
  • Custom fit to client business
  • Adaptable to changing business needs of clients
It is a core value of our development group that we do not put customers in a bind with product enhancements. We have never left a client stuck on an old version of their accounting system due to our enhancements.
— Nathan Brown, Development Managing Partner, EVS