Health & Beauty

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Helping you improve your customer service

Our systems can help health/beauty, cosmetics manufacturers and nutraceutical manufacturers improve customer service while tightening control of formula material and production costs. For private label and custom cosmetics and nutraceutical product manufacturers, we recognize improving customer service visibility into formulation, and production history is a customer relationship and revenue opportunity enabler. Our Health & Beauty ERP software gives manufacturers in these industries access to the information needed to make informed business decisions. Health/beauty products, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, supplements, and OTC manufacturers also face stringent quality control, formulation, and regulatory requirements. O2 Health & Beauty Products ERP can help manufacturers manage these strict requirements with ease.


Precise formulations with flexible Units of Measure, down to micro/pico grams and liters
Formula security groups and full auditing with revision history
Integrated lot quality management, quality control work queues, with QC release tied to ERP inventory
Full lot tracking and lot recall
Lot attributes roll-up into production batch attributes
Formula costing and "what if" scenarios
Customer specific lot requirements