Our warehouse distribution software solution integrates easily into your warehouse management operations.

Offering real-time views of your inventory, O2 Mobile Warehouse distribution and inventory management software allows you to fully utilize the warehouse management module and increases visibility and accuracy of your warehouse inventory. Knowing specifically where your inventory is located within your organization is essential to effective inventory management.  For companies that manage lot tracked items and/or expiration dates of materials, this information becomes critical.  With our warehouse distribution software system, bin movements within a location is as simple as scanning a couple of barcodes.

Mobe3 Solution

  • Focus on speed and usability
  • Handheld scanners and our patented Smart-Barcode™ technology
  • Minimal key strokes needed, which reduces training time and maximizes user efficiency.  
  • True pallet tracking, pick-while-you-pack/ship, pre-shipment staging and much more.


Infor Cloudsuite Solution

  • Powerful capabilities perfectly suited to the demands of your unique industry.
  • Gain the flexibility to scale capacity as needed.
  • Dramatically reduces your need for customization.
  • Simplify IT, with continuous upgrades for lower TCO