Escape Velocity Systems was started with one idea: meeting a real need with a real solution.

There are many software products in the market that seem right but in practice never take you where you envisioned. Our drive has positioned us as a leader in our market space by providing products that are flexible and complete. At Escape Velocity Systems, there are two qualities we esteem and strive to reflect:

Vision and Life

Businesses are complex. Business processes are complex. Accurately modeling your vision in a software system requires a design that sees beyond the immediate requests and pains you are trying to solve; it requires a software system that provides features and functionality you can grow into. If we are going to provide your solution of the future, we must see the big picture: automated environments where the ERP system and the shop floor are one, where real-time data is captured as it happens, and a system is as useful to operations as it is to accounting.

Our goal is to see beyond immediate pains and provide a solution that will be an integral part of growing your business.

The characteristic of something having life is hard to define, but you know when you have it. Living things grow, they evolve; life itself is always looking for a better way to live. Our customers are partners on our journey. As we grow and evolve, we are continuously innovating both our software and services. We don't just add new products, but new ways of bolstering your existing investments. We grow as our products grow. Our experiences are growing with every new customer, and we want your business to grow with our software.

Our customers are partners on our journey. As we grow and evolve, we add ideas to our software and services offerings.
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Our Partners

We want to ensure we’re giving your business a competitive edge. To do this, EVS has partnered with some of the most respected names in the industry. Here are some of the businesses that we work with.

Community Giving

The EVS commitment to vision and life extends beyond our office hours. We take pride in our charitable contributions and community involvement. Here are some things we're involved in around the world.